“We plant cultivars that will express the terroir of Elgin.
Our wines have an exceptional sense of place.”

Due to Elgin’s high altitude and proximity to the cold Atlantic Ocean, the valley’s cool environment makes it the ideal home for varietals such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Rosé and Riesling and permits a predominantly non-interventionist approach to wine making.

Working in harmony with nature, our grapes are harvested by hand at the optimal moment for full flavours before being transported to our winery. Handled as minimally as possible, the integrity of the fruit and its clonal characteristics are maintained, allowing the winemaker, Richard Kershaw (Master of Wine), to craft elegant and exquisitely complex wines that reflect the unique climate and terroir of Lothian vineyards.


The wines are made with restraint to make the inherent traits of their respective vineyards shine, with each one telling a unique story about a specific clone, site and soil coloured by the vagaries of vintage and climate. Timeless and ageworthy, they convey a true sense of the Lothian terroir.


The Kogelberg biosphere is a natural habitat for small wildlife and the beautiful Cape Eagle Owl with its prominent ear tuffs is a favourite among the feathered inhabitants. A perfect expression of the soil type, these wines are made for everyday enjoyment.



Some of our wines are available in Magnum sizes. If you entertain and have many dinner guests, this is an ideal serving solution. Or surprise the ones you love with this unsurpassable gift of wine.


Seeking to find the Mythril of the vintage, the hidden gem requires a certain honing of one’s senses to find the unique characteristic and nuance. A relentless selection process that starts at fermentation and is debated and discussed at every barrel tasting, tracking each movement of an iconic wine. This discipline and strict process creates the opportunity for highlighting only what is Mythril.