Lothian House

This 22,000 sq. ft countryside architectural wonder boasts uninterrupted views of Lothian’s vineyards, orchards, the private Applethwaite Lake, Palmiet River and the mesmerising Elgin valley mountain-scape.

Extraordinary care and attention was employed when attending to the look and feel of each bedroom and living space, ensuring opulence, privacy and quietude.

Lothian House naturally lends itself to a relaxing family retreat as well as a decadent escape for adults looking for an extraordinary Cape Vineyard experience.

The exquisite design is such that clusters of guests may enjoy absolute privacy. Boasting 8 double en-suite bedrooms, each with private terraces, Lothian House can comfortably accommodate 14 – 16 people.

The organic architecture and interior design of Lothian House allows for absolute privacy and impeccable indulgence as this luxury villa is rented out in its entity and never on a per room basis. Guests are invited to congregate together in a variety of unique spaces: from the summer and winter lounges to the formal lounge and dining room, which run the length of this glass-encased mansion.

Lothian’s glass doors can be left completely open to the temperate breeze coming off the waters, integrating harmoniously with its natural surroundings.

Lothian House itself holds five exquisite en-suite bedrooms each designed with their own individual flair. This further extends into an exterior guest wing with an additional two en-suite bedrooms, kitchen and lounge, river side terrace and separate entrance allowing adjoining families or groups that little extra space.

The beauty of Lothian House, is a balance of contemporary design and a welcoming space for both adults and children alike. Whilst the space boasts a modern use of glass, colour, natural elements and lighting, reflecting at every angle on the all-encompassing bodies of water surrounding the house, it also offers a dream of activities for children from indoor and outdoor play areas, games to water sports on the private lake and river. Lothian House is a tranquil retreat for all ages and caters in detail for every need.