Raising a glass to Klink!

Spring is always a delightful time: the pruned vines start to sprout fresh green leaves and evidence of new life can be seen all over the farm. At the end of August, a beautiful filly Shamira was born to Amani.

Spring Addition at Lothian's stables: little Shamira

Amani (meaning ‘hope and aspiration’) has been a rather grumpy horse who longed for a foal, struggling with false pregnancies and other complications over the past three years. Autumn and winter were seasons of sadness: one of the peacocks flew away, Amani once again failed to conceive and the family’s beloved pony, Shaman, died. Touchingly, the missing peacock appeared in the tree above Shaman’s grave for one evening as if paying his respects before flying off into great beyond and two weeks after Shaman’s passing, Amani was pregnant (the shire’s rather aptly called Lucky!). To celebrate the continuation of life, the new arrival was christened ‘Amira’ (meaning ‘princess’ and being full of life) but the family decided to had ‘SH‘ to honour the memory of Shaman so her name became Shamira. Amani is now much happier and more relaxed, clearly loving her role as proud mom.

May there be much joy and prosperity at Lothian Vineyards in the coming seasons.