Raising a glass to Klink!

Wednesday 27th August – We at Lothian Vineyards had the incredible opportunity of collaborating with both the acclaimed Young Blood Gallery and Cheyne Morrisby to launch the captivating new fragrance from Elizabeth Arden, Untold Absolu. In doing so, our task was to pair our wines to the fragrance notes of the perfume as well as six courses of fine dining in order to enhance a total sensory journey of Untold Absolu.

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The evening started with our newly released MCC paired perfectly to the chilli salt squid canapé.

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EA 6 1030x686

Once seated, the tasting note of CAPTIVATING was enhanced by our first public tasting of Lothian Vineyards Isobel Rose and paired to a pink pepper tuna tataki and delicate pickled plum.

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EA 8 686x1030

The second course of REFINED allowed our Lothian Vineyards Riesling to perfectly reflect the tasting notes with a course of poached crayfish in jasmine and ginger tea, ikura caviar, cardamom and pear jelly.

EA 9 716x1030
EA 10 686x1030

GLAMOROUS brought us bamboo smoked duck breast, date and water chestnut gyoza with sweet miso. Without a second thought, this could not have paired better than with our very own glamorous Lothian Vineyards Chardonnay.

EA 111 686x1030
EA 13 686x1030
EA 12 1030x686
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The Lothian Vineyards Pinot Noir, being the show stopper that it is, was served with the main course, MYSTERIOUS. 5 spice pork belly, corn and cumin puree, potato and coconut dumpling, and vanilla infused fuji apple tempura – the perfect dish for the perfect wine.

EA 15 686x1030
EA 16 1030x686

To end, SENSUAL was a combination of the Noble Late Harvest dessert wine bringing to life dark chocolate, tonka bean, black sesame brittle and white miso butterscotch which stole the show.

EA 18 686x1030
EA 19 686x1030

The evening was a total sensory indulgence of texture, taste and smell, surrounded by beautiful artwork, sensational food and our outstanding 2013 vintages to bring the fragrance to life.

Follow the official launch hashtag of #UntoldArden and of course our very own #LothianLife and #LothianVineyards

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