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Elgin Cool Wine & Country Festival 2016


Next weekend is the annual #ElginCoolFest. This year we are unable to participate due to a function at Lothian House that was booked far in advance but for anyone who appreciates the elegance of Elgin’s wines, this festival is a great excuse to get out of the city to spend a day (or two) soaking up the beauty of the autumn countryside.

Harvest 2016 has come to end – we’ve just finished picking our Viognier – an attribute of our cool climate that allows grapes to ripen slowly, gently developing a marked fullness of flavour as sugars take their time to reach optimal sweetness. But then, isn’t quality is worth waiting for?

As winter’s chill approaches, the valley’s vineyards are decked in golden hues ready to welcome visitors to the Elgin Cool Wine and Country Food Festival from 9am – 5pm daily on Saturday 30th April and Sunday 01 May. Each participating winery offers a unique programme, offering patrons a smorgasbord of experience: last year we had sushi & beautiful music out on the deck. Here are some of our favourite moments from last year’s event:

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With award-winning wines, stunning views, bands as well as diverse and delicious culinary fare, the festival is a highlight young and old. For more information about the festival, participating wine producers and their offering, visit:  www.ecwcf.elginwine.co.za You can purchase tickets online from webtickets (click here). And if you like looking at life through a lens or the viewfinder of your smartphone, be sure to enter the #ElginCoolFest photography competition, make sure to check Elegantly Elgin’s Facebook page.


We’ll miss you this year but look forward to seeing you again at next year’s festival! Please note you will be able to taste our wines at Peregrine Farm Stall during the festival and if you want to arrange a private wine tasting, you can do so by emailing: stephan@lothianvineyards.com

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